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Stories of the Past: ISAF Press Releases Study

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In 2011, Alex Strick and I wrote a short report for the Afghan Analyst Network called “A Knock on the Door: 22 months of ISAF Press Releases” (Download Here). It was a look at what ISAF was saying publicly about its operations, with a focus on “capture or kill” operations. Back then, we had a long discussion aboutthe order of the words, since most people talk about kill or capture, which might be a more accurate term.

The report crunched the numbers they were putting out and tried to make sense of them. In a way, it was our first quantitative project, or at least the first one that saw the light of day. We were fortunate to team up with the Guardian’s Data blog, which produced a neat little interactive map you can still look at here.

ISAF apparently took it very seriously and published a press release about the report pointing out the flaws of the data set. The Afghan Analyst Network replied with another blog post.

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